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About us

We Work for Your Pleasant Journey




We modern people tend to rely on cars in our everyday life so much, do we not forget the joy of travelling itself? We at Nikolanna are striving to provide our guests with the opportunity to enjoy your time of travelling from beginning to end. Therefore we take care of all needed for an unforgettable trip and you only decide whether you spend it admiring the view outside or indulging in your thoughts, or doing some job, or maybe just chatting and laughing with your companions. We love travelling and we know what it takes to assure a pleasant time on board.

We love cars and we know how to care for them to guarantee the utmost comfort of riding. And most of all we love looking at the smiling faces of our guests so that is why we welcome on board each and every one of you with a smile. We put special emphasis on amiable and respectful attitude towards you and your requirements both during your trip and during our communication with you before and after the journey. We are a strong and united team devoted fully to our passengers and ready to propose flexible solutions and ideas to any inquiries and situations.

Our drivers have abundant experience and have broad knowledge of routes, spots for rest, places to eat, hotels, sightseeing venues, shops, “hidden treasures” on the road etc. They speak English for your convenience and, last but not least, have excellent music collections in store!

Our Horizons Are Your Dream Destinations


We Take Any Challenges

We work in various spheres in order to be able to meet the needs of all our guests and to guarantee that we will pay due attention and devotion to even your most trivial requirements.