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About us

We Work for Your Pleasant Journey       We modern people tend to rely on cars in our everyday life so much, do we not forget the joy of […]

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Contact us: Please feel free to contact us any time if you have any questions or comments. Email: info@nikolanna.com Phones: +359 885 61 31 72 +359 888 93 96 93 […]

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When travelling to a foreign country, which criteria come first in your list of requirements for the means of transport you choose – safety, reliability, hygiene, friendly atmosphere, reasonable price, spaciousness, technology, environmental responsibility, independence, punctuality?

Guaranteeing all of the above and more, we are devoted to creating an ambiance of relaxation and comfort throughout your trip. We are often told by our guests they feel at home when on board with us.

Don’t feel homeless when on the road! Choose us for your pleasant journey!

Here are the main fields we work in:


Tourism is among modern human’s most valued treasures. Feel the freedom of being able to travel wherever you want; we will make that journey relaxing and pleasant so that you […]


Impeccable customer attitude is a crucial aspect of any business; therefore, we offer transportation services for corporate clients for the times when you need to show special attention to your […]


You have a scheduled event but you don’t own a car, or you wouldn’t like to drive there, or maybe the car you own is too small to accommodate your […]


Should you need transportations for you or your guests between airports and destinations you choose, Nikolanna is your trusted partner for punctuality and comfort during every journey. We conduct transfers […]